Qualities to look for before selecting your trade show booth designer in Dallas

Qualities To Look For before selecting your Trade Show Booth Designer in Dallas


While exhibiting at a trade show in Dallas, your trade show booth starts off as an empty space and you have to turn it into an attractive and engaging environment where you can connect your existing and potential clients. However, to achieve that you will certainly need creative trade show booth design ideas that will attract a large number of attendees.

Apart from design, other aspects like logistics, booth set-up, and on-time booth delivery need to be taken into consideration. In order to handle your every aspect of your trade show booth, you need a reliable and experienced trade show booth designer in Dallas who can ensure quality work with prompt delivery. Before selecting your booth design company make sure he has the following qualities:


Proven Know How

Before you sign up with any trade show booth designer, the most important attribute to look for is its expertise, or how experienced and knowledgeable it is in the trade show industry. One indication of a company’s expertise is the length of time it has been in business. A company that has been in business for years will be better equipped to handle your exhibiting needs and any problems that come up, than a business that just opened its doors this year. A company that has spent time in the industry and boasts employees who also have extensive experience in the industry will be well positioned to provide you with knowledgeable, tailored, and high-quality trade show booth rentals.

Wide-ranging services

Another quality to look for in a trade show rental booth design company in Dallas is the ability to offer you a complete range of services. Many exhibit companies offer trade show services such as booth installation & dismantle, drayage and more in addition to their design services. These services are often less expensive through the trade show rental booth company, and they provide you with access to knowledgeable and reliable support during the trade show. You can also store your trade show booth with the exhibit company for a discounted rate. By choosing a trade show booth rental company that also provides other services, you set yourself up for a more complete, and satisfying, trade show experience.


Creativity is often an underrated quality among exhibitors. However, it is actually one of the secrets to a successful trade show booth rental. Imagine, if you are facing a tight budget, creative solutions might help you to incorporate the right features for your business without breaking the bank. If you are trying to stand out from the competition, a creative design layout or feature might be what you need to capture your target audience’s attention. That is why you should select a trade show booth design company in Dallas that demonstrates creativity in its booth projects. Instead of being stymied by your needs, they should indicate willingness and an ability to innovate. This type of creativity will make it easier for you to enjoy an effective booth even when you face certain obstacles.

Customer Satisfaction

A great way to figure out whether the trade show booth design company in Dallas you hire is ideal for you is to look at how satisfied their previous customers are. Any booth rental company should be able to give you a few references to contact regarding previous projects. If you consistently find happy customers who report that the company was knowledgeable, experienced, provided comprehensive services, provided a personalized design process, demonstrated creativity, and was responsive, you will know that you have found a company you can trust with your own trade show booth design. Before you participate in your next show, make sure your trade show booth design company in Dallas possesses the above qualities in order to pull off a successful trade show.



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