5 Sure-shot Ways to Capture Leads at Trade Shows

The ultimate agenda of every exhibitor at a trade show is to get useful leads. Every lead is valuable and so is every single detail related to that lead. By details, I don’t just mean the contact information but also aspects like business details and the conversations happened at the booth.

Whether it’s your debut trade show or you are a regular exhibitor, who is using similar lead capturing methods year on year, you need to acquaint yourself with the best lead capturing methods available in the market. If you use the latest methods smartly, you can justify with all your hard-earned leads. This way your lead follow-up process, after the show is over, will be seamless.

Here are the best ways to capture leads at your trade show booth.


Lead Capture Apps

Lead Capture Apps

A lot of exhibitors opt for trade show lead capture apps to manage their leads at trade shows. These Apps help you sort out contact information and lay the ground work for lead follow up and interactions in the future. There is a plethora of lead capture Apps available on the play store. Some of the most common Apps used by sales managers and exhibitors include:







These trade show lead capture Apps will let you collect contact information, gather feedback, qualified leads, and conduct surveys when you download on your iPads and Android Tablets. One of the best advantages of some of these Apps is that you don’t need the internet to operate these apps, and thus, you don’t have to be dependent on the trade show Wi-Fi. All these Apps have different plans and features. Take a look at them and see what suits you the best.

To know more about such apps visit here:


Badge Scanners

Badge scanners provided by organizers

A lot of big shows provide badges to attendees when they enter the show, so that it’s easy for exhibitors to scan those badges and get the required information. Simply put, organizers possess visitor’s data and they give badges to visitors when they enter the floor. When exhibitors talk to the visitors on their booths, they simply scan their badges to quickly collect the leads.

However, the big downside of this method is that you won’t have the leads handy just after the show is over. The organizer will take some time to send you the leads after the show and your follow up process may get delayed a little.



Business Card Scanning

Business Card Scanning

Taking a business card is always a convenient option and a good backup option when everything else fails. Some exhibitors take business cards from their clients and scan the cards through business card scanner apps that sync the information with your address book and contact management system. Also, a lot of these apps offer transcription services so that you don’t miss out any important conversation happened at your trade show booth.



Paper Forms

Paper Forms

Using paper forms can be cumbersome for sales representatives. However, it’s a great way to keep a backup if nothing else works or anything goes wrong. If it’s a small show and you are not expecting a great quantity of leads, you can go for paper form which your representatives have to fill on their own.

If you are a little old school, you can go for this traditional method of capturing leads at your trade show booth. But make sure you don’t end up stacking a lot of papers at your booth which may look a tad bit unprofessional.

Download Lead Form For Reference


universal lead capture

Universal lead capturing solutions

Quite similar to lead capturing Apps, there are Universal lead capturing solutions that come with a variety of features such as event badges scanning, business card scanning, manual data entry and so on. If you adopt such a lead capturing solution, you can make your lead capturing process fully digital for all the events or trade shows you are participating in. Lead Capture is an example of universal lead capturing solution.



Engaging Event Page

Make your event page engaging

It is pointless promoting an event if the page you have to draw visitors in doesn’t appear inviting or appealing. Take the time to write copy that entices the viewer, upload photographs, videos and keep adding to the page with updates such as activities you have planned or more details to keep everyone interested.




Send emails

Send emails

Start out by introducing the show a few months prior to the date, and keep on sending out clues, teasers and more snippets of information to ensure they don’t forget about your fantastic day. Why not offer a limited special registration discount to your mailing list too, to add urgency to the sign-up process?




Choose the Right Colour

Getting the use of right colors when creating your exhibition stand design can be difficult, as you need to appear eye-catching while keeping your brand identity. Bold colors like red, blue and yellow are strong, but also have other connotations which could be conflicting with your company message.

Click here: Read on how using the right colors can help to boost your booth traffic.


Interactive activities for visitors

In order to invite visitors at your booth, you must have an appealing stand design and various engaging activities. The exhibition stand supplier you hire will be backed up with years of industry experience and can help you to provide with unique interactive ideas for your booth. For keeping your visitors engaged at your stand space, you can organize interactive games, contests, photo booth, comment box and a social media wall.

These were some of the few ways to have an interactive exhibition stand. If you are looking for creative ideas for exhibition stands that will help you in keeping attendees engaged to your booth then read this article.


Exhibition Stand Ideas to Enhance User Engagement


Incorporate gadgets in your stand space

The world has become a much more digital place over the last decade and you can use that to your advantage when setting up your trade show display. Featuring a tablet display or interactive television screen in your booth gives you bags of creative potential on the day.

Have a look at this article on how to incorporate TV in your exhibition stand.



Choose the Right Stand Professional

If you want to make a splash at your next show by having a bespoke exhibition stand design, you need to think unconventionally or hire a design expert. Whether it’s about brainstorming your exhibition stand ideas or organizing booth engagement activities, you need to find new twists that allow you to improvise and innovate on designs. So as to ensure you have an unparalleled booth design to attract maximum attendees, you need to hire a team of experienced and skilled exhibition stand designers.



Read this article if you are looking for ways to find the right stand builder for your next event.

Apparently, if you want to make an impression on your visitors, then these trade show lead capture tips will not only help you invite more visitors to your exhibit space and but also help you generate a lot more leads.

If you want to get the right type of leads flocking to your trade show exhibit and build a lasting brand image, you need to focus on keeping your booth as interactive and inviting as possible.

Hope this article is useful and helps you manage your trade show leads properly.

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