Fun and Interesting Trade Show Booth Ideas

Trade shows are an awesome chance to accumulate new leads and give your brand the right presentation and presence it deserves. There is no second thought on why business leaders and experts all around the world concentrate so much on exhibiting in trade shows to get their brand the right amount of exposure. But have you wondered as to how you would get the right target audience to come to your trade show booth. We are sure that exhibitors are spending a lot of time, money and labour into designing best and compelling trade show exhibits. So, even if you are partnering with a rental trade show booth design and build a company, you should know the things that would make your trade show booth exhibit worth visiting! If you are looking for trade show booth rentals Germany, then know that you can still include some fun trade show booth ideas that can be unique to your stand and make your brand the limelight of the show.

While a ravishing, compelling trade show booth design, astounding product demos and an incredible, very much educated and high-vitality booth staff are all the right approaches to stretch out beyond your opponents. However, there is another trap that could very well be what puts you over the best: fun trade show booth ideas. By offering remarkable and engaging unique trade show booth ideas to participants, you’ll bring the correct sort of vitality into your show, while additionally pulling in individuals who might not have normally been occupied with your organisation generally. Having some trade show booth games will naturally make your booth more attractive since it will attract several attendees who will be looking to break the monotony of looking at booths with some activity. Your booth can potentially provide them with this break by incorporating some fun games into your trade show booth design letting you attract a far greater footfall then what would have been possible otherwise.

That is the reason we’re assembling this manual for fun trade show booth ideas. Read on for some fun trade show booth ideas.

The Prize Wheel

The prize wheel is one that has been around for some time and is entirely common in the trade show circle. In any case, while a prize wheel won’t get the focus for creativity, its unmistakable quality can be utilised as an advantage.

Since individuals walking the trade show floor will probably have seen a prize wheel previously, when they see yours, they will know precisely what it is and what it’s for. What’s more, since prize wheels break even with prizes, individuals who know about them are probably going to visit at the shot of a free giveaway. The element of randomness that prize wheels possess is very likely to lend a high degree of authenticity since attendees would genuinely feel that they are very likely to win. A prize wheel is one of those classic trade show booth ideas that can easily maximise the interactive and interest your trade show stand can generate with its audience.

Scratch off cards

One of the fun trade show booth ideas is this one. There are a large number of people who know about lottery scratch-off cards, and now you can get scratch-offs that work similarly and that are marked with your organisation logo.

This amusement is slick as it makes a buzz for teaming up your brand image with a famous fun game that is liked by millions of people. It likewise gives individuals something marked regardless of whether they don’t win, which is a standout amongst other approaches to use a trade show game. On the off chance that they win, they’ll be energised. Regardless of whether they don’t win, however, they will have invested energy drawing in with your brand while likewise connecting it with the excitement of a basic scratch-off. You can complement this idea by have had a notice board listing all the winners, which lends authenticity to your scratch cards and removes any scepticism that some attendees might have about the authenticity of your scratch card offer.

Social Media Raffle

Social media is definitely one of the most exciting things that people are interested in these days. So, why not include social media into your fun trade show booth ideas. There are several types of games that you organise using social media such as a contest, a lucky draw, a trivia contest and raffles.

Raffles are regularly incredible raising support devices, as individuals who pay a little measure of cash have the chance to be granted a substantially bigger prize. In any case, a Twitter or online networking site doesn’t require any money related speculation from a challenger. Rather, it just expects them to produce the sort of web-based social networking buzz that is so imperative for branding. All you have to do is, make a unique hashtag and tell people to enter the contest, make a positive statement for your brand and hashtag the same.  Make sure to announce the winners, who successfully do this for a maximum number of times and on the maximum number of social media platforms. You can consult your trade show booth designer to assist you by promoting your pre-build trade show booth design allowing you to promote your exhibition booth and brand on social media so that people can quickly recognise your brand and be able to associate your exhibition stand and brand at the trade show. This allows you to kill two birds with one stone since you will be able to create effective trade show booth games that engage your customers as well as promote your brand engaging them in the form of pre-marketing prior the exhibition.

Photo Booth

Having a photo booth setup is one of the awesome trade show ideas that could serve as a conversation starter for you. Everyone loves to strike a cute pose and take home fun and memorable memory of the event in the form of photo strips. You could set a customised backdrop with your corporate logo as well as provide props that are related to your products or services, making it one of the fun trade show booth ideas for your booth.

You could also use your photo booth to collect some promotional material as some photo booths also have video messaging capability. It allows visitors to leave short feedback for your brand. These video testimonials could be a great help to boost your social media activities. Apart from all these, what makes photo booths one of the unique trade show booth ideas are the photo strips that serve as great giveaways to your potential customers. Among the different cool booth ideas, a photo booth at your booth space is bound to delight customers and keep them welcoming at your booth. Moreover, it will help in keeping you at the forefront of their minds.

Interactive Demos and Games

One of the certain ways of gaining engagement and popularity is through hosting trade show booth games or demo sessions of your products or services. Demonstrating with the help of AR/VR tech is a fun way to educate your audience and instil curiosity to know more about your brand. Create an instant buzz at the event by organising quizzes or games such as a scavenger hunt at your booth and offer some cool prizes for the same. You can at the same time collect customer’s contact information at the time of participation which could be later used in your post-event follow-up strategy.

Trade show booth ideas are a great way to attract your potential customers to your booth and start s smooth conversation by engaging them in your brand. Planning over fun exhibition ideas would help you generate buzz about your business and get positive emotional reactions from your target audience which will help your brand make a long-lasting impression in the market.

In conclusion, we hope that these trade show booth ideas will maximise your attendee footfall and make it into a more interactive trade show booth. There are more ideas you can explore as an exhibitor for your trade show booth before participating in your show. You can even collaborate with a reliable trade show booth designer to assist you for brainstorming more ideas.

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