10 Tips to plan a successful trade show

Key to a great show is prior preparation and defining of objectives. Before you start preparing for your next show make sure you bear in mind these 10 tips that will ensure your show is a huge success.

1. Pre defined marketing objectives – If you have decided to participate in a tradeshow, you must first chalk out your marketing objectives. Analyze what you want to achieve out of the exhibition and also set goals. Having clear objectives and goals will help you with budgeting, scheduling, defining trade show booth ideas and overall planning of the booth itself.

2. Trust only the best – When it comes to trade shows, we suggest you employ only the best of the industry especially when it comes to the trade show exhibit companies. A good and reputed company will look after every aspect of your booth from designing, manufacturing, logistics, installation, dismantling and warehousing. This will not only reduce your work load tremendously but make sure your booth is of superior quality as well.

3. Hire the right people – The staff you employ will bring your whole booth together. Good and proficient sales staff livens up the atmosphere at the booth and helps to pull in more audience. A set of well trained and professional staff will give your booth a professional look and feel and help you project the right image.

4. Invest in the right places – Participating in trade shows can get a little expensive especially if you don’t know where and what to spend on. To begin with invest in a good spot at the show; if you cannot opt for the prime spot, it’s alright; go for the second best option, which is slightly cheaper. Also if you are on a budget you can opt for trade show exhibit rentals instead of purchasing one, you may invest on good trade show booth ideas that will help you shine in the crowd.

5. Don’t take your tradeshow graphics lightly – Tradeshow graphics help any booth to stand out in the crowd and gives visibility to the brand. Most trade show exhibit companies do the graphics of the show as well, which is a good thing because when everything is done by one company, the booth looks in sync and comparatively neater and professional. Come up with innovative graphics and trade show booth ideas that will help you garner more attention from your audience.

6. Incorporate new technology – While chalking out trade show booth ideas try to incorporate the latest technology or trends that are dominating the trade show market. Off late LED touch screens, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are all the buzz. You can customize them according to your brand guidelines and marketing strategy and use them in their booth.

7. Highlight your key message – Formulate a key message for the show, based on your marketing objective. Everything in your booth, including your trade show supplies should highlight your key message. Think of unique ways to incorporate your key message in your trade show booth ideas. This will imprint it on your audience’ mind and increase brand recall value.

8. Networking is priority – Networking especially at trade shows must be one of your prime goals. You are likely to meet many potential clients and customers at trade shows. So while planning out your booth and making arrangements for trade show supplies stock up on brochures, catalogs and business cards and keep them handy at your booth.

9. Make your booth welcoming – An important criterion while planning out your booth is to keep it warm and welcoming. This has a lot to do with your sales staff but you can achieve this through a good booth design as well. Trade show exhibit companies, when asked can make suitable adjustments and create space so that you can entertain a larger crowd at your booth and also give it a friendly vibe.

10. Think out of the box – In a pool of exhibitors and competitors it is necessary you incorporate trade show booth ideas that are unique and sets you apart from the crowd. Be it designing of the booth or accessorizing it, it is better you do not go with the flow and concentrate on creating a unique identity for your brand which will help you in the long run.



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