Top interactive games for your next exhibition show

What makes your exhibition show more interesting - the products that you launch, bespoke exhibition stand designs, interesting exhibition design ideas, or the number of leads generated? Well, all of it! But apart from these basic elements that make your exhibition stand more interactive, there are games that can make your exhibiting space more interactive and engaging for your target audience. The games give potential customers a chance to engage with your brand truly, and raising the level of commitment, can truly enable you to gather essential data for promotional and marketing drives.

There are various kinds of amusements that exhibitors can use to connect with participants. Not every one of them will be apt for your exhibition ideas or bespoke exhibition stands. But it is always beneficial to check for interactive exhibition stands and also install games that pick in view of what your guests may genuinely appreciate. Do your bit of research and ask your trade show booth builders in Germany (if you’re showcasing in Germany) to provide you with some samples of interactive games for exhibition stands.

best exhibition standsGames involving puzzles

Trivia games and interactive puzzles are mostly a hit with the show visitors. These games can engage and keep your target audience be involved with your brand, as well. So, more they stay at your bespoke exhibition stands, more is the opportunity for your brand to build a stronger audience base.  Puzzle games urge visitors to challenge their abilities and hotshot their insight. Not all puzzle and interactive games need to be present on your booth setup ideas list. You can keep a few and make the most of your interactive exhibition stand. There are some of the ways on how you can keep your audience motivated during the show – hide a few questions and answers around the stand and request the participants to set them up together – whoever gets all of these sets right or gathers all perplex pieces, wins a prize. Individuals will get truly into it on the off chance that they know there's something in it for them.

exhibition stand design company

Add social media

In the present advanced world, all exhibitors should use internet-based mediums to advance their exhibition ideas and stand to generate maximum lead. Competition on social media is not only effective but also a successful instrument to draw in participants to your stand and lift your brand image on the social media spectrum. They additionally give an ideal chance for you to associate with your group of visitors online even after the show. One approach to connect with your target audience at an exhibition is to have photograph challenges for social media. Request your participants to take selfies at your stand (add photo booths as a part of exhibition ideas) and post them with a particular hashtag on your brand page. Giveaway prizes to those who have the best selfie at your interactive exhibition stand. Offering a motivator of a prize will draw in more individuals to your exhibition stand – ensure the prize is something individuals will want, and you will be amazed at the outcome! You can always add to your exhibition booth setup ideas and include a live social media wall, encouraging entries of show visitors to your stand.

interactive standLet your audience indulge in VR and AR games

With regards to VR and AR utilized as a part of the mix with your exhibition ideas for a stand, it can truly include an absolutely new and one of a kind route for your potential customers to communicate with your brand. Virtual and Augmented reality encourages you to improve participants' involvement. With all the new virtual reality games always being released and several unique topics to look over, you can take them anyplace on the planet! Get a game that suits your potential customer or make your own depending on your brand, marketing campaign, the motto of your brand, to name a few.

exhibition stand graphicsPrize Wheels

Free stuff always attracts a large crowd, and the prize wheel is one of the simplest and effective exhibition stand games ideas that are popular in recent times. It is not only eye-catching but engaging enough to hold visitors long enough to strike a conversation about your product and services. The best thing about the game is that everyone can be a winner. You can offer one or two big prizes and keep small gift hampers for the winners. This way, everyone will take away something with them to remember your company. If you have a small booth, then you could opt-in for a virtual prize wheel, which can be displayed on your screens and tablets. It will also help you have lead capture forms that will help you for easy follow-up after the show.

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Arcade Games

Planning for Arcade games is a sure shot way to engage people at your trade show rental booth as they are available for people in different age brackets. For adults, you have the classics, and for the younger ones, you could choose from the most recent games. However, the crucial part is to find an arcade game that goes well with you have to offer. If you’re facing space restriction, then you could have the game in digital. It is also observed that arcade games involve fewer staffing compare to other games, which gives more flexibility in assigning your staff task. To gain maximum attention, you could create a leader board that will post the highest score in the day. This way, you will draw more people towards your booth, trying to beat the high score. You can also host one-on-one competitions between participants that will help in building a more competitive yet friendly atmosphere in your stand.

exhibition graphics

Photo Contest

Incorporating a photo contest in your booth is one of the coolest trade show booth design ideas that would help in maximising footfall at your event. People nowadays love taking pictures, and all you need to do is offer them a fun way to do so in your exhibition booth. Have a nice backdrop with a few props to click pictures. You can then have them email you those photos so that you can print those photos for them through a portable printer. While they email you their pictures, you can have their email-ids for following up after the show. You can also have them upload it on their social media accounts, tagging your company for gaining maximum exposure. You could set up a screen displaying their pictures and offer a big gift hamper to the best picture that will help in creating the buzz in the exhibition hall.

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Counting games

Counting is one of the popular yet oldest exhibition stand games that have been engaging people in the show. The concept of this game is very simple, as you just need to guess the number of things that would be present in a particular transparent box. If you guess the number right, you win a prize.  Counting games is a very subtle way of starting a conversation with your audience. It is a quick and easy game that is flexible in terms of participants. You could use your products as the stuff to be counted, and the participant has to provide their contact information so that you can notify them of the contest results as well use it for following up after the show.

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Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles gives your visitors a reason to have fun and return to your trade show booth rental. Consoles are a great way of engaging your visitors in social gaming. It lets your audience relax and get refresh with some social and competitive gaming. Make sure that you choose a fun game that is family-friendly and is apt for both genders. If it has multiple players, then it will generate greater buzz on the show floor in less time. Your staff can track the top score and reward the winners. You can have attendees fill up contact details so that you can update them about the results.

creative exhibition designJumbo Games

Jumbo games are larger-than-life games that encourage attendees to flock to your booth. Whether you host a giant chessboard, or have a Jenga set, visitors would definitely want to try their hands on these engaging games. To avoid any confusion at the show, make sure your staff understands all the rules and regulations of your game to avoid any chaos in your booth. Also, check on all the pieces of your set before packing and heading to the event so that you don’t miss out on any piece. Interact with your spectators and encourage them to cheer for the contestants to build excitement and a lively atmosphere in your booth.

We recommend you to select brand relevant prizes that do not exceed your budget limit and look for reliable exhibition booth designers that help you with the design ideas for your booth.

Good luck at your next show as you initiate to integrate interactive games for your exhibition stands.



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